Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Year, New Planner!

Okay, I get way too excited over paper goods like planners and stationary. Honestly I could shop in Paper Source or Papyrus for hours on end. However, there are definitely some positives that come out of this obsession with overpriced notebooks. Having a nice, high quality planner makes me look forward to using it, which in turn makes my life more organized. For 2017 I'm using the Erin Condren Life Planner- so aesthetically pleasing and so's a win-win!

So beautiful *sheds single tear*
Monthly Overview
Vertical Weekly Layout
So the story behind how I got this planner is actually super cool and will make you believe in the goodness of humanity again, in case you struggle with that sometimes lol. Let's begin...

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is watching "Plan With Me" videos on YouTube, where people use stickers to decorate their planners. The weekly spread is basically transformed into a planner/scrapbook hybrid, which I think is awesome to have to reflect back on in the future! An example from my favorite YouTuber/sticker connoisseur Elle Fowler of Glam Planner is pictured below.

Image via Instagram (@glamplanner)
Elle created a Facebook page for her Etsy sticker shop to allow her customers to interact more closely with her and with each other. Although I had not actually purchased any of her stickers, I decided to join the group because I love her designs, and in general I just like keeping up with her since she was one of the first people I ever started watching on YouTube. Since its formation, the Facebook group has blossomed into a really awesome, supportive community!

As the end of 2016 rolled around, I was in the market for a new planner, and knew that I could turn to the Glam Plan Sticker Fam (the Facebook group members) for advice. I was on a budget (#college), and while I loved the Erin Condren planners, I couldn't justify the ~$60 price tag, having just made a tuition deposit (*screams internally*). 

I received some great suggestions, and I was about to order the Recollections planner from Michael's when I received a personal message from one of the Facebook group members. She told me she had an Erin Condren vertical planner that she was not going to use, and she offered to ship it to me free of charge; all I needed to do was get a cover for it (I went with this one). She expressed how she understands the struggles of being a student on a budget, and how she has a daughter currently in college as well. Oh, and she also added that she would throw in a few stickers into my package too.

I could not believe her generosity. She was offering to send a beautiful planner (and stickers!!) to a complete stranger. I already love the holidays to begin with, but her act of kindness made the season even better. Needless to say, when the package arrived, I was certainly not disappointed...

Is this heaven? Lmk. Also ignore the random hair tie lol
Even though I have never met this woman, I have so much respect and admiration for her character and her selflessness. She has inspired me to start 2017 on a positive note, and her actions remind me to believe in the goodness of humanity. Every time I use this planner, I will think of her :)  I am so grateful that little communities like the Glam Plan Sticker Fam exist.

I hope this post encourages you to step up your "Random Act of Kindness" game in 2017!

xoxo Lizzie

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